Why do we like chocolate so much?

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It is estimated that by the end of 2020, around 8.5 million tons of chocolate will be consumed. This amount is impressive, considering that the earnings from selling this product exceed 20 million dollars only in the US. But, why do we like chocolate so much? 

Its flavor delights us, and our happiness level increases when eating it. We like feeling it melt in our mouths, and there’s even a popular movie that focuses on a chocolate factory! Millions of people in several countries appreciate this product, no matter their social status, race, or age. There are several reasons for this. 

  • The coveted snack contains caffeine, theobromine, tryptophan, anandamide, and phenethylamine. What do all of these substances produce in our bodies? They make sure that the more we eat chocolate, the more we love it. 
  • The effects of caffeine: It is a stimulating component of this product, and while its level is not as high as the theobromine level, it contributes to making this product’s flavor so delightful. 
  • The effects of the theobromine: It contributes to muscle relaxation, and it also has vasodilator and diuretic properties. This stimulus causes us to feel good while eating chocolate. 
  • The effects of tryptophan: The main reason why chocolate makes us so happy is its tryptophan content. This amino acid produces serotonin, which helps block the feelings of anxiety and depression while stimulating happiness and calmness. 
  • The effects of anandamide: It helps generate the feeling of happiness and relaxation, even though these effects won’t last long in the body. This component also regulates the cardiovascular system and improves the respiratory system. Besides, it can calm the feeling of hunger and influences cognitive functions by favoring their development. 
  • The effects of phenethylamine: This substance is usually classified as responsible for making people fall in love due to the fact that its levels in the body increase when you are in love. It causes euphoria and joy, turning chocolate into an antidepressant. 
  • The effects of culture: Eating chocolate has turned into an experience. Whenever we see a chocolate bar, we relate it to happiness, delicious flavor, and even energy. This cultural association could also be one of the reasons why we love eating chocolate so much. 

Benefits of chocolate consumption 

One of the most widely known benefits of chocolate is that it alleviates PMS. Chocolate bars have high levels of magnesium, which produce the following: 

  • Stabilization of sugar levels 
  • Alleviation of the Pre-Menstrual Syndrome 

The carbohydrates and theobromine present in chocolate also improve mental skills and favor the central nervous system. Besides, it can generate a feeling of satiation upon eating it because of its fat content. 

Now it makes more sense why we love chocolate; eating it is good, but don’t exaggerate. When consumed in excess, chocolate can cause weight management problems, which can, in turn, develop additional problems. 


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