Makonnelli: Single Origin

Makonnelli is unique because of our commitment to analyzing every region’s lands, nutrients, and fruits to seek the most precious and recognized cocoa beans. We care about genetics and avoid mixing different kind of single origin cocoa beans.

But what does that mean? It means that we are careful to work with beans of the same origin in all of our processes. For instance, if we are only using “SUR DEL LAGO” single origin beans during fermentation, they won’t be mixed with other bean types since this would alter the flavor and characteristics of each type of cocoa.

Otherwise, it has been said that there are three known varieties of cocoa. The creole from the zone of Central America and the Caribbean, the foreign cocoa of Amazonian origin (but cultivated mainly in African countries), and the Trinitarian cocoa considered as a hybrid of the two previously mentioned species. Several other modern cocoa families stem from these three types. 

During our chocolates’ production, Makonnelli never mixes the origins because we use the same butter derived from the first pressing of cocoa liquor. For this reason, our products bring a unique experience as we preserve the pure origin status from the bean selection to the chocolate’s elaboration. 

Noble Origin and History

The cocoa tree possesses tropical sap, and the beginning of its cultivation has been traced to Mexico and Central America. However, some researchers affirm that Spaniards brought this tree to forests located by the Amazonas and Orinoco rivers, where this greatly-valued tree still exists. 

The scientific denomination of the cocoa tree, Theobroma Cacao, means food for the Gods, which is not a coincidence. Some pre-Columbian cultures kept the cocoa beans for their religious rituals. And because of the great value attributed to these seeds, they were also used as currency. 

The nobility of the cocoa bean is further heightened by the originality of every type of bean. As we already mentioned, a large variety of cocoa can be summarized in three general types: foreign, creole, and Trinitarian. About 90% of the global production belongs to the foreign variety, which is more robust and bitter. This type of cocoa is considered to come from the Amazonian rainforests, where it then spread to the nearby areas of the south of Maracaibo Lake. It was here where the genetic mutation took place, resulting in the exquisite creole cocoa with refined tastes and aromas. 

This is the origin, the beans of Venezuelan cocoa, from which Makonnelli obtains its unique nature. Our manufacturing processes are very respectful of the bean’s genetics, allowing Makonnelli to offer chocolates that won’t let anyone deny their high-quality and exquisite taste. 

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