Natural Cocoa Powder

Elaborated with beans of unique origin, this product brings the aroma and taste of premium cocoa. It is low-fat and rich in vital minerals, keeping the seed’s original attributes. It comes from the first pressing of the beans, and it is then followed by productive processes that preserve the delicate sensorial profile of our premium cocoa. 

Makonnelli Natural Cocoa Powder, fat low and rich in vital minerals, maintains the original attributes of the seed. It comes from the first pressing of the beans, which results from a detailed selection in production, which is followed by manufacturing processes that at all times seek to preserve the delicate sensory profile of our single origin cocoa.

Because of this, the professionals who choose Makonnelli Natural Cocoa Powder have the endorsement to make their preparations acording to the standars of the best international gastronomy.

Natural Cocoa Powder – SUR DEL LAGO

Composition: 100% Natural Cocoa

Applications: ideal for desserts, drinks, flavored, sprinkle, cakes, ice creams, etc.

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