100+100+100, Our 100%

Our chocolate is characterized by being innovative and completely different from the rest of the market. It is elaborated with healthy fat obtained from the cocoa bean, which results in a purer, healthier and more gratifying product for the customer. 

To satisfy any chocolate lover, we created three unique varieties: INTENSE, MID, and MILD. This way, all gastronomy experts have the opportunity to develop their own recipes while keeping the original flavor, aroma, and texture of our chocolates. These three varieties can be used separately or together, depending on the use you want to give them. 


Our intense chocolate has the perfect balance between cocoa aroma and taste, making it ideal for confections. Our chocolate allows for firm, delicious, and meaningful results; you can decorate exotic desserts, create cocoa fragrances, or use some shavings to decorate dishes. 

This variety can be combined with our MILD offering. It will contribute to weight and highlight brightness, aroma, and taste. Besides, it has the proper sugar contribution to be included in energy bars and snacks. 

You can also combine our products with liquor. The contract between the rum and chocolate, for example, produces a glorious sensation since the cocoa will dissipate in your mouth, leaving you with an authentic flavor of our product. Another great option is to use it in Chianti wines to power the grape taste and enhance its flavor. 

100% MID

With a more subtle cocoa taste, this MID variety highlights our chocolates’ notes, aroma, and graceful qualities — soft and sweet. It is the perfect formula to fill desserts and to intensify flavors in confections and soft creams. It is also ideal for covertures, glazing, and chocolate sculptures. 

100% MILD

If you want creaminess and silkiness, our MILD variety is for you. It is perfect for ice creams, glazing, sauces, syrups, and infinite recipes; this is also the variety we recommend for fondue and chocolate fountains since it doesn’t require any additives. 

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