In order to add value to the work of pastry chefs, chocolatiers and Ice cream specialists, Makonnelli creates in its laboratories, Kacoa chocolate tablet with “Easy Melt Block” technology, patented in the United States.

When working with premium chocolate it is essential to spare no effort in complying with the times, temperatures, instruments, ingredients and techniques required in each recipe so that the results are true art pieces, the best sensations on  palate.

This 1kg tablet has an unique design with important patented features: the dosing marks that divides the tablet in 20 rectangles of approximately 50 grams each, the concave hot melt footprint in the center of each segment and the unmistakable image of the isologo Makonnelli.

With Easy Melt Block, chocolate professionals save effort, time and energy; they can easily dose and obtain more homogeneous mixtures that preserve the organoleptic characteristics of Makonnelli and give to their preparations the unmistakable features of a true gastronomic piece of art.

MAKONNELLI is a trademark of CAO EXPORT, LLC