Ángel Ramírez Betancourt

A Venezuelan born in Caracas and raised in Barquisimeto, Pastry Chef Ángel Ramírez Betancourt, who has been sweetening the world’s palates for more than 20 years, is the Makonnelli ally behind many creations.

He studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa, Canada, and graduated with the Grand Diplome in Patisserie et Cuisine, he also completed studies at EspaiSucre in Barcelona, ​​Spain and at one of the most prestigious pastry schools in France.

His proposal is clean, full of color and many textures. He is inspired by nature, art, enjoys working with citrus fruits and with the textures, flavors and sensory profile that a Makonnelli gives off.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When I melt the chocolate, it seems too thick

A: This can happen when, at the moment of melting, the recipient for the chocolate is not properly cleaned. Or when using a silicone spoon with a wooden handle that didn’t thoroughly dry after being washed. 

2. Why are my bonbons opaque and their surface wet?

A: This could be for a couple of reasons: 

 The freezer is not set at the right temperature or is producing ice inside. 

The molds didn’t go through the right cooling time and absorbed too much cold. 

If the temperature was properly set, the temperature shock would cause the cold to be expelled in such a way. 

3. I melted the chocolate in the microwave, and some lumps appeared inside. 

A: This signals that the chocolate got burned due to the microwave not being properly calibrated, or maybe it was microwaved for too long. 

4. My bonbon’s shells are stuck to the mold. Why is this happening?

A: Here are some possible causes:

The shells are too thin; therefore, they are not strong enough to be removed from the mold. 

The mold was not properly cleaned.

The cooling curve was not properly achieved.

5. I’ve heard some chocolates don’t have to be tempered. Is this true?

A: Of course; however, before you decide to skip the tempering, you should know the following:

Read the characteristics of the product in detail.

In the pastry industry, some chocolates contain cocoa butter and similar covertures with chocolate taste (which have vegetable shortening.) While both of them are chocolates, they both have their own unique uses. 

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